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The Melting Pot is a metaphor for a dispersed and diverse society becoming more homogenous and unified. This homogeneity is based on education, on understanding of one another and on dialogue between the identities that make up society.

The Melting Pot Podcast is a podcast (recorded radio show) hosted online which can be listened to at the audience’s leisure.  It aim adds educate  by opening conversation on topics of social significance, these being the voices, events and issues that have a positive, inspiring and empowering impact on people.

The Podcast aims to contribute to a more harmonious society by giving a platform to and publishing inspiring conversations. It focuses on conversations that raise awareness of pertinent issues facing communities and to educate all who listen to these conversations via the podcast. The audience defines the issues and the conversations are with well-established leaders in the topic of focus.

This podcast was founded by Manpreet Darroch, part of the Soul City Arts Collective. Manpreet presents and produces the show, which is supported by Soul City Arts. Season 2 is funded by the Arts Council England.  Follow Manpreet on Twitter.

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