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Following the success of Khyle Alexander Raja’s first exhibition at Birmingham’s Hubb Gallery in 2012, Soul In The Machine, a visual arts exhibition went to Londons Rich Mix.

Khyle Raka joined forces with graffiti artist Mohammed Ali aka Aerosol Arabic, and  spoken word poet David J Pugilist, in a dramatic live arts performance immersed in surreal soundscapes.

This stunning visual arts exhibition explored the future of mankind, told through a world of science fiction, massive machines and radical architectures.

This exhibition was supported by the Arts Council England.

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Launch Night - Soul In The Machine


///  W H A T  I S  S O U L  I N  T H E  M A C H I N E ?

Will we become slaves to the machine, or will an artificial soul come to the surface?

Will our own technology overtake us, or can it evolve into something radically new?

As we look back increasingly on our own origins, can our technology teach us, or will it blind us to the truth?

Our world is growing increasingly technological. The artificial and organic are competing forces across our planet. Can there be a balance, or will one force forever compete with the other? Can we explore technology spiritually, as we have our own world, or is it only a means to an end?

S O U L  I N  T H E  M A C H I N E  is a unique journey through a universe of technology, machinery and surreal architecture. On this journey, we will be confronted with our own use of technology and the choices we face to determine our future.

From the Universal to the Atomical, this is a quest to find the truth about our origins, our relationship with the wider cosmos and our own planet,

S O U L  I N  T H E  M A C H I N E  offers visions of utopia and dystopia. The question is, which path will we take?


///  B I O : K H Y L E   A L E X A N D E R   R A J A

Khyle Alexander Raja is an exhibited Artist based in London, England.

He creates vivid landscapes through the art of drawing, influenced by his professional background in architecture and a life-long fascination with science fiction.

Khyle enjoys using these two worlds to explore avenues of spirituality in unique and innovative ways.

Each piece is an exploration of the relationship between The Creator, Humanity and the Universe.

Khyle is also a creative producer with Soul City Arts, an urban artsorganisation that brings together artists from various fields to collaborate across theatre, visual arts and performance.


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