Soul City Arts | Mohammed Ali | Aerasol Arabic

Soul City Arts were invited to curate the performances for the Brit Writers Awards at the 02 Arena in London. We chose three poets, along with percussionist Andy Mason, and cellist  Philip Shepphard.  The various art forms were weaved together by the Soul City Arts team lead by Mohammed Ali.   Here are a few pictures and videos of the poets performing during the event and outside of the venue…

David J was one of the 3 poets we used for the sequence. All of the poets were dressed as if part of the audience, and were seated at the tables. David J interrupts the sequence of events and begins his poem from within the crowd.

Jo Bell, our second poet, takes over from David J from the other side of the room….

Then Don Shahada jumps into the sequence by a staged telephone call which is part of his sequence

All the hard work pays off, artistic director Mohammed Ali, who co-ordinated the introduction sequence.

Mohammed Ali put together a video which the three poets lead into, a video about the power of words, lots of layered footage featuring a timelapse  of graffiti words being painted. David J did some freestyle poetry over the top of the video along with percussionist and cellist Philip Shepherd.

Just outside the 02 Arena, we did a quick film with David j…